Duy Anh Foods 's products are advertised in Anuga 2023

Posted by: Vy Le
- 24/10/2023

From October 7-11, 2023, more than 80 Vietnamese enterprises will attend International Food industry fair Anuga 2023 at the Koenlmesse International Exhibition center, Cologne, Germany under the management of Trade promotion department( Vietrade) and Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Perspective of Vietnamese boothis in Anuga 2023

The International exhibition center Koenlmesse

Anuga is one of the world's largest and leading international food industry fair held every 2 years in Cologne, Germany. This trade fair expects to attract more than 7.800 exhibitors, 150.000 visitors from 150 countries and territories. This is an oppotunity for Vietnamese companies promote their products to expand export marker.

Coming to Anuga this time, Duy Anh continues to bring products made from rice such as: spring roll rice paper, fresh roll rice paper, rice vermicelli, rice noodle, mixed vegetable noodle,... with diverse packing design, eye- catching to enhance clients's selection as well as capture the new consumption trend of the world. Besides, rice straws are new product that was also displayed and introduced to partners at the fair. 

Mr Rice products are displayed at the fair 

Rice straw with paper packaging

 Currently, Duy Anh products are popular on the shelves of foreign supermarket such as: Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, USA,...because of the diversity of packaging, weight, design, are produced in a closed line and meet international standard such as: ISO 22000: 2018, FDA, HACCP, HALAL. In addition, the trend of consuming green, clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly foods is also on the rise, this is an opportunity for Duy Anh to motivate the export of product" Rice straw" to partners around the world.

Let's look back some Duy Anh's pictures in Anuga 2023: 

Source: Duy Anh ( Mr Rice)  

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First of all, Duy Anh Foods sends respectful greetings and deep thanks to our clients and partners who have accompanied us during the past time. Along with the development trend, the demand for products made from rice with high quality such as: Rice paper, rice noodle, rice vermicelli, noodle, Hue's rice vermicelli,... is increasing in both domestic and foreign market. Catching up with this opportunity, Duy Anh has continuously improved and innovated traditional products and created new products that combined agricultural products to improved nutritional valued as well as diversify processing methods for dinners such as: Water melon rice vermicelli, cereal rice vermicelli, dragon fruit rice paper, vegetable noodle,...
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There are only a few days left until the Lunar New Year, take advantage of arranging production of orders to promptly deliver to customers as schedule. A year of economic challenges but everyone still comes together and continues the next journey. A few gifts and rice sent to Duy Anh Foods team so that everybody can have a warm and meaningful Lunar New Year.
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